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Failover vs. Max Attempts




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    Caleb Miller

    Hi, thanks for your question!


    If all attempts for a check fails on the primary location and the check has a failover location configured, a new attempt is made on the failover location.

    So a check could run 1, 2, 3 etc times on primary. If it fails to return an OK (Information) status, then location is "taken into consideration" so to speak and the failover location goes into effect. So you could have 3 retries and then a failover and if all of those apply the check will retry 4 times total.

    In addition, a check will neither retry nor transfer to failover once it discards. So, once a discard happens due to timeout, no more retries will happen.


    I hope this answers your question!

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    Caleb Miller

    A check will also neither retry nor transfer if there is a Java exception in the Selenium scenario, as is the case here:



    However, this is a fringe case (that particular ConnectException is a very rare occurence within Selenium).

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