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Recording doesn’t work in Mozilla and Chrome


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    Caleb Miller

    If you installed the ZebraTester application and successfully imported your own private SSL certificate, yet do not see any network traffic in the ZebraTester console/the ZT GUI at http://localhost:7990/, it is possible that proxy configuration is not set up to run through ZebraTester.

    It is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox in order to record network proxies as it leaves your system proxy untouched, thus eliminating the need for all of your traffic to pass through localhost unless you turn the proxy off. To do so, from within Firefox, go to Preferences -> Network Settings (at the bottom of the General pane which comes up by default) -> "Settings" button -> "Manual Proxy Configuration":

    Local proxy should be set to port 7997 for all proxies. In addition, make sure there is no proxy for or localhost. By default, connections to localhost and are never proxied in Firefox proxy settings anyhow:

    Now attempt to record again. You should be able to successfully capture the network traffic!

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